Happy Anniversary!

Lucy PuppyWoof Everyone! Can you believe we have crossed over into a whole new year and already we are starting the second month of this new year…. Time sure does fly, even in dog years!

For me this is a special month for I am celebrating a 14th anniversary. Yup, on February 6 it will be 14 years that I’ve owned my mom. I’ll never forget that day. I was pretty little, not even 8 weeks old and hanging out at a local restaurant called Lazy Wave in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Some people thought I needed a better home so they took me around, knocking on doors to see if anyone wanted me. Everyone thought I was cute but when they saw me walk they all said uh-oh, what’s wrong with the leg. Me, I didn’t know I was supposed to use all four legs when I walked. Since my one leg didn’t work too well I hopped around on the three good legs I had. Seemed fine to me but people would hand me back saying “I hope you find a good home for her”. We kept looking and one day we knocked on a door where a lady and her cat lived. An instant sister! I was getting tired of nobody wanting me so I figured I’d take things into my own paws and when this lady picked me up I burrowed my nose into her neck figuring how could she say no… But then she did! Something about not being ready for a dog, responsibility, Really! I couldn’t believe it, I thought for sure this was the one.

The next day my friends and I were going down the road and here comes the cat lady walking towards us. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat down in the middle of the road. I wanted so much to adopt this lady, and her cat, but she had to want me too. She was talking to my friends and asked if they had found a home for me yet. They answered “no, they were still looking”. All of a sudden I heard words that were magic to my little ears. The cat lady said “We’ll take her”. Really!!

That day I moved in and quickly took over (she was easy to train). You all know the rest.

To update everyone about events at the Sedona Arts Center – “From the Heart” is opening on February 4 in the Special Exhibition Gallery in the old barn. Also this month is the Winter Co-Op show in the Theatre. Be sure to check out these great shows and come on up to the gallery to see me too! We will be featuring the 16 artists who were most recently juried into the gallery. First Friday reception is on February 6 from 5-8.

Woofs & Tail Wags



About Lucy

Lucy is the mascot of the Sedona Arts Center's Gallery! The Fine Art Gallery showcases the largest selection of artwork by Sedona artists.Visitors can enjoy a new exhibit every month, which opens with a wine reception during the First Friday Artwalk from 5 to 8 p.m., where the featured artists are on-hand to meet guests and answer questions about their work.
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