Mane Attraction

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Hello my friends and welcome to the month of May and the Mane Attraction! As the pup of one of the artists I get certain bragging rights. In addition, all of the other artists are my aunties so I get extra bragging rights. The show this month features the equine art of oil painter Margo Mitchell, fiber clay sculptor Joanie Wolter, glass jeweler Karen Puckett, bronze sculptor Adryanna B. Ciera, acrylic/mixed media artist Cheryl Waale and my mom, oil painter Cyndi Thau. Be sure to stop by and see all those pretty horses galloping through the gallery the whole month of May. Sure wish I could chase them (woof-woof)

On Saturday, May 9 my friend Joe Lee from Tucson will be here to tell us about the horse in the Navajo culture. The talk is titled Horse: Keeper of the Wilderness, Navajo Beauty Way. The talk will begin at 11 a.m. at the Sedona Arts Center Gallery. I hope you can join us! I’ll be the one in the red bandana….

The Sedona Arts Center is also celebrating PhotoFest this month with lots of those photographer types around. Workshops and other opportunities abound so check out the website.

See you all at the corral!

Woofs & Tail Wags



About Sedona Arts Center

Sedona Arts Center was founded almost 60 years ago as the nucleus of creative life in the Verde Valley. We have been working ever since to ensure that the arts are a vital part of life in our community. Our organization is now a professional and well-established nonprofit that delivers educational and cultural programming across the community. In the 21st century, we are building the model for a dynamic, innovative, and highly creative organization. We are Sedona's cultural resource and driver of arts opportunities in the Verde Valley — ever promoting and advancing the work of the Verde Valley’s artists, performers, creative producers, and educators.
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