The Adventures of June



Happy woofs to you all and welcome to the Adventures of June! As we begin the summer in Sedona I am looking forward to time in the water and long naps on the bed. In between swims and naps there is that thing called work and boy do we have a busy time ahead. On Friday June 12th we are having a big celebration where I work to raise money for the school. My artist friends have gotten together and created all this incredible art that will sell for a whopping good price. I myself might be tempted to buy something for my dog house. If you go online you can see all the nice artwork that has come in and will sell for $250 no matter who the artist is.

For the weekend, June 13 & 14, we celebrate the Spirit of Sedona. Lots of artists will be doing demonstrations and be available to talk with you about their art down in the ‘ol barn. Stop by for art-talk and hamburgers. I’ll be under the grill mopping up…..

In July the cowboys are coming to town. The Cowboy Artists of America will celebrate 50 years of being cowboy artists and we get to host a show of their work. I’ll put the red bandana and boots on (well, maybe not the boots) and be greetin’ you at the door!

So my friends, see you soon. Stay cool out there!

Woofs & Tail Wags



About Sedona Arts Center

Sedona Arts Center is one of Northern Arizona’s most well-established cultural organizations and serves as the creative heart of Sedona. Founded in 1958, the nonprofit organization is based at the Art Barn in Uptown and offers year-round classes, exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events that enhance the creative life of the Verde Valley. The Center’s Fine Art Gallery, open daily from 10am to 5pm, promotes the original works of over 100 local artists and regularly offers special assistance for collectors and art buyers, offers private studio visits, and fosters hundreds of arts education opportunities each year. For more information, call the Gallery at 928-282-3865, the Administrative offices at 928-282-3809 or visit us online at
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