Welcoming a New Boss!

Lucy Flagstaff








Hello to all my friends, hope you are having some fun this summer and staying cool out there. I’ve been have a good time taking my mom for hikes and swims up in the cooler pines of Flagstaff.

We have big news happening in the world of the Sedona Arts Center – our Executive Director, my good friend and favorite treat source Pam Frazier, has retired. I sure will miss her but she tells me she will return to the Board of Directors so she’ll be around. Oh Yea! Hmmm, Board of Directors – Perhaps a new source of people to give me treats……

In her place we welcome Eric Holowacz as our new Executive Director. Woofs and paws up to you Eric! I’ve already included you in my circle of friends and taught you where that magic tin of treats is located. Okay, so now you have the most important part of the job under control. Everything else is a piece of cake!

As we wander our way to the end of summer – ‘Dog days of summer’ as some two-legged critters call it… don’t quite understand that one…. I’m looking forward to the fall festivities. In September we have the Co-Op Show for artists to set up and sell their work. October brings all those amazing Plein Air artists to town. This is also my favorite time of year. Cooler weather, pretty colors, get a little hiking in, hang out on the front porch – Ahhh, the life of a pampered pooch.

So my friends, see you soon. Stay cool out there!

Woofs & Tail Wags



About Sedona Arts Center

Sedona Arts Center was founded almost 60 years ago as the nucleus of creative life in the Verde Valley. We have been working ever since to ensure that the arts are a vital part of life in our community. Our organization is now a professional and well-established nonprofit that delivers educational and cultural programming across the community. In the 21st century, we are building the model for a dynamic, innovative, and highly creative organization. We are Sedona's cultural resource and driver of arts opportunities in the Verde Valley — ever promoting and advancing the work of the Verde Valley’s artists, performers, creative producers, and educators.
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