Born To Be Wild!

Born to be Wild! Yup, that’s me…. The wild party girl at the Sedona Arts Center Gallery (at least on First Fridays). Somehow I ended up with a sign pinned to my collar, something to the effect of don’t feed me… Boy was that both embarrassing and unlucky for me!

Say, did you all see the latest article in Kudos about me? It says how I am the Official Mascot of the Arts Center. That sure was exciting to get my name in the paper.

Anyway, this month is the “Born To Be Wild” show at the gallery. We invited our gallery artists to submit one piece of art each in the theme of born to be wild – You know the song by Steppenwolf – Head out on the highway, Lookin’ for adventure. Well, some artists went to the motorcycle theme and some took it to the wildlife. Stop by the gallery and check out the show. A bit of something for everyone.

We also have a bunch of Hummingbirds in the Special Exhibition Gallery as part of the Hummingbird Festival. How come they get all the sugar??

Everybody stay cool and make the most of the rest of the summer. If you haven’t taken a vacation yet I highly recommend them. Remember to pack the treats.

Woofs & Tail Wags


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Summer is here …. Yippee!

Summer, in my world, represents play – hiking in the forest, yummy treats at gatherings, maybe even a road-trip to a new place with all new smells. What could be better? Of course, all the other seasons also represent play but that is beside the point…

This month at the Sedona Arts Center we are celebrating the photography, and photographers, of this area. The Photofest event will be in sharp focus on June 5 & 6 – check out the website for details and locations. All month the Sedona Arts Center Gallery will feature the work of OUR photographers and the Special Exhibition Gallery (in the barn) will feature the Sedona Camera Club. Check it all out!

Those of you who know me are aware of my penchant for bringing my bed to work. In my opinion, everyone should bring their bed to work. It makes perfect sense to a dog. The summer months are a fine time to keep good watch on my bed. It’s hot outside, cool inside, a comfy bed to hang out in (or hang out of in my case…) is the perfect place to spend time. Maybe one of those great photographers who will be around this month will visit the gallery to take my photo. I’d be happy to model – in my bed of course.

Stay Cool & Smile!


Lucy hanging out  in bed

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Here we are romping into spring after a mild winter. So good to feel the warm sun on my whiskers and the cool grass on my paws!

I have lots to tell you about from the Sedona Arts Center. Any time of year you can catch up with artists, view lots of great art and even participate in shows. However, spring and fall are the best times of year for activities going on. During the month of April, we have the featured artist show called “Profusion of Color” with color being the ribbon that ties everything together. Gretchen Lopez (known to me as Auntie Gretchen), Birgitta Lapides, Kathryn Willis, Susan Moody and Cyndi Thau are the featured artists. In May, they will change out the show for all new featured artists with the title “Spring Awakening” with lots of eye-opening art!

June 2-8 will bring lots of photographers to town. Maybe someone will want to take my photo. I do make a good model… Photofest is the event of the month for June.

Since it is Easter, I’d like to tell you my story about the Easter Sunday that brought fish… As you all know, I was born in Costa Rica and grew up on the beach. Several years ago my mom and I spent Easter Sunday on a beach called Playa Langosta. Now, I am a fisherwoman at heart and can spend hours bouncing through tide pools at the oceans edge. I’m a vacuum cleaner when it comes to the little sardine type fish that wash up on the beach. On this particular Sunday, however, I was in fish heaven and I’m not talking the little guys. Mother ocean was dumping hundreds of good sized fish into a large tide pool that I happened to be located in. Fish were jumping all around me, over my head, through my legs and one literally jumped into my mouth! I was so startled I dropped it and my mom hooted with laughter. Fishermen were running to MY tide pool and scooping up MY fish with their bare hands, putting them on a hook and tossing them back into the ocean to catch larger fish. Tuna abounded along with other varieties and the fishermen couldn’t carry all the fish they caught. They had to borrow wheel barrows to haul their catch away. Everyone feasted that day thanks to Mother Nature and the Easter Bunny-Fish who must have sent all those gifts our way. That night I slept the sleep of a dog tired fisherwoman, counting fish instead of sheep….

Thanks for reading my story and I hope you all have a Hoppy Day!



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lucy RecentAs another new year rolls into our lives I’d like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2014 – that is of course, filled with TREATS! You know me, everything centers around those treats. I’d also like to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends out there. Thank you for all the love and treats that you abundantly send my way throughout the year. I love you all.

We began the year with the “Second Chance” show for our gallery artists. This was a Second Chance for artists to show a favorite piece of theirs and give it a second chance to sell. As we move into the second, and romantic, month of the year we will celebrate with “Romancing the Arts”. Always a favorite month both for the art and for the number of smooches I get… In addition to treats I’m all about those kisses!

The other exciting events going on around here are both the Juried Members Show which will happen in March and the new artists juried in to the Fine Art Gallery. Twice a year we ask artists to apply to jury in. They submit a portfolio with examples of their work and an independent panel of jurors will review each submission.  Always an exciting time to see new work come into the gallery. In my professional opinion as the official mascot of the Sedona Arts Center there sure are a lot of wonderful artists out there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Besos (Spanish for Kisses),


In Memoriam: I would like to send a special tail wag to John Ashenhurst – the husband of my dear Auntie Gretchen. John has passed to the play ground in the sky and we dearly miss him. Woofs to you John!

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‘Tis the Season

Holiday 2b 72Can you believe it is December? Time sure does pass quickly when you are a dog. Is it the same for two-legged critters?

Wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays and tell you about the December events at the Sedona Arts Center of which I am the official mascot! Did you know I am on the back of the Sedona Humane Society Cat Calendar (yes, cat…). Check it out, it’s a complete fund raiser for their spay and neuter clinic and we do sell the dog and cat calendars up in the gallery. I will even do a paw signing if you like.

In the Gallery – The month of December is a special time with the Holiday Show and the Small Works Show on display. Lots of wonderful artwork and handmade ornaments by our gallery and member artists are available. The opening reception is Friday December 6 from 5-8 so come on by. If my mom will let me attend I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one with the reindeer antlers on!

Mark your calendars for Saturday December 14th – the annual Loving Bowls event held in the barn from 1-4 in the afternoon. Over 1000 bowls were created for this fundraiser to benefit three different charities and for $10 each you can purchase colorful bowls and get some homemade chili for your belly. These make great gifts for you, your pets and your friends so be sure to check it out.

On December 20th we will have the first Portrait Exhibit in the Special Exhibition Gallery. Artists can submit one portrait that they have created. Portraits can be of anything with a pulse. My mom is a painter and she will submit a portrait of guess who… yup, me! Of course this one is not for sale but you can commission a portrait of your special someone whether they be a dog, cat, bird, horse or any other critter that lights up your life. The exhibit is open to the public December 20 (10-7), December 21 & 22 (10-5). Hope to see you!

December 24th – Christmas Eve – Happy Birthday to me! I will be 13 years young and  even though I am getting a few white whiskers I still have a pep in my step and a wag in my tail.

Happy Holidays to all. May your festivities be full of treats!

Happy Holidays with my new friends Alizee, Stefano and Anasara from Belgium, Brussels

Happy Holidays with my new friends Alizee, Stefano and Anasara from Belgium, Brussels

Happy Woofs!


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Hi everyone and welcome to my 12th blog. This one is really exciting because it is full of news and goings-on at the Sedona Arts Center. Goings-on is my way of saying ‘lots of people for me to say hello to, bug for treats and generally follow around’. Many of these people have been here before. They are the plein air artists invited to this years Sedona Plein Air Festival. In addition, my new calendar is out. Yes, I know I’m a dog (small child) but somehow I ended up on the back cover of the Sedona Humane Societies Cat Calendar. More about that later. Let’s get started…

First of all, welcome back to the returning artist and woof to the new artists. I know you all brought your paints and equipment but most important – did you bring me treats J We ordered nice weather for you to go out and paint in and we can’t wait to see the magic that you will produce. As a collector of art myself I especially like paintings of dogs. Just saying….

Anyway, we are looking forward to a fun filled week! For the schedule of events please go to

Now, about the calendar – as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I was selected to be on the back cover of the 2014 Sedona Humane Society calendar to raise money for their spay and neuter clinic. I myself was spayed at a clinic in Costa Rica but that’s a story for another day. The unusual part is that I am on the back of the CAT calendar. I am a dog… The cats however don’t seem to mind and since my sister is a cat I figure what-the-woof.  You can purchase these calendars either at the Sedona Humane Society or at the Sedona Arts Center Gallery for $20. All proceeds are going to the program. I will be having a PAW SIGNING on Saturday and Sunday, November 2 and 3 at the Sedona Arts Center Gallery from 10-5 so stop by to say hello, give me a pet, buy a calendar and get it signed by yours truly. For you dog people, you know who you are, we also have the 2014 Sedona Humane Society Dog Calendar available.

That’s all for now. Me and my mom have to get rested up for the big week of watching 30 Plein Air Artists do their thing.

Happy Painting,

LucySelfPortrait 2-72 Lucy

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Lucy Head Shot 72 dpiLucy just returned from a wonderful trip to Yellowstone, the Tetons, Zion and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Lucky for her she made it into all the parks before they were closed to her sniff inspection by the kids in Washington. This got Lucy to thinking .… what would the government be like if a dog was president. Well, let’s look at the possibilities.

If Lucy were President she would make into law the following:

  • Wag more, bark less
  • Bring your bed to work
  • Treats for everyone – all the time
  • Naps and play are mandatory
  • Daily practice of downward dog

House Rules:

  • When you misbehave you are sent to the doghouse – with no treats
  • Must be kept on a leash
  • No barking
  • No whining
  • No going potty in the house
  • Stay out of the garbage
  • Learn your commands: Sit – Stay
  • Play nicely with others
  • No running away

Dogs Rule!


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